How well do you know your writing styleguide?

    Do you know your brand’s content guidelines like the back of your hand? Let’s find out. Answer the questions below about your writing styleguide. Then, ask the other writers in your organization to do the same. When you’re all done, compare to see if your answers match.

    I bet at least a few of your responses will be different!

    1. Who is the audience for the content you work on? Describe them in a sentence or two.
    2. Do you have multiple styleguides, each for different types of content, or a single styleguide that rules universally?
    3. Where can you find your styleguide?
    4. Which types of content must adhere to your official styleguide(s)? Which ones exist outside of those guidelines?
    5. On a scale from 0-10, how would you rank your voice…
      • Formality? (0 = Formal, 10 = Informal)
      • Liveliness? (0 = Reserved, 10 = Excited)
    6. How much (or for what types) of your content must adhere to plain language guidelines?
    7. Is your content required to meet specific Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease or Grade Level standards?
    8. Do you have a max length for a single line of content?
    9. Do you follow the AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, or something else?
    10. What are your capitalization, punctuation, and terminology rules for titles and headers?
    11. What are your capitalization, punctuation, and terminology rules for content on a button?
    12. Do you use the Oxford commas always, sometimes, or never?
    13. How do you use hyphens/dashes within sentences? Do you put spaces on either side of those hyphens/dashes?
    14. How do you format the date and time?
    15. Does your brand have a list of banned words, phrases, or emojis?
    16. Do you think your brand and style is consistent across all properties?
    17. What common mistakes do you look out for when editing?

    In a recent content strategy survey, one respondent noted that they have nearly 200(!) people writing across their company. Is it possible to achieve consistency in your writing when you have that many unique contributors?

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