Transform your proofreading process

All-in-one AI proofreading software for modern editorial teams

Catching typos for top teams

All the features you need to automate proofreading with AI

Breeze through copyedits

Get through proofing reviews faster. Help writers fix their own errors with in-line suggestions during the writing process, then instantly suss out remaining mistakes yourself.

Automated editorial corrections

Configure your writing style rules, from punctuation to capitalization, and have theme apply to everyone

Easy, fast rollouts

Get to high adoption within days with central deloyment across Microsoft Office or Google Workspace.

Control access with SSO, manage team permissions in bulk, and track utilization by team.

“I love running Writer before I pass articles to our layout team. In addition to reminding me of company style quirks I often forget, it has helped me avoid vague pronouns and embarrassing subject-verb agreement issues.”

Colter Cookson
Business Editor
The American Oil & Gas Reporter


Frequently asked questions

Do you have discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Writer offers a 20% discount on the Pro, Team and Enterprise plans to non-profits and educational institutions. Email using your non-profit or .edu email address to get your discount code. The best budget-friendly plan is, of course, the Free plan 😎

What is the benefit of Pro over Free?

With Free, you’re going to get more basic writing suggestions. The Pro plan will up the professionalism and polish of your writing with Clarity, Delivery, and Inclusivity suggestions. You’ll also be able to use Snippets, a feature that saves you from typing the same thing over and over, and Plagiarism, which checks to make sure your content is original.

What happens if I go over usage limits?

You’ll be notified in Writer if you’ve gone over your plan’s usage limits. The limits are hourly, daily, and monthly. So if you go over an hourly limit, you’ll be able to start using Writer again at beginning of the next hour. The same rule applies for the daily and monthly limit.

Can I pay for a Pro or Team plan via check or wire transfer?

You can pay for Writer via check and wire transfer. Email for mailing address and bank transfer details.

How do I get a quote for Writer?

You can get a quote for Writer. Email with the number of seats you’d like to buy and your name, address, and anything else you’d like to be on the quote.

Do I pay for users who access my Style guide?

Viewers of your Style guide don’t have to be Writer users, so you don’t pay for users who access your Style guide — even if you are hosting your own Style guide or have it behind an SSO login or firewall.

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