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  • Enforce your styleguide

    Create and automatically distribute
    your brand guidelines.

  • Ensure consistency

    Check everything for voice, terminology,
    grammar, spelling, and puncutation.

  • Make content clearer

    Convert content to plain language
    and check the reading level.

How it works

Define your styleguidelines
for content creation.

Use Writer or the
Chrome extension to
write content as usual.

Writer’s AI checks content
against your styleguide for:

  • check_circle Consistent brand voice and writing style
  • check_circle Approved terminology
  • check_circle Clarity and plain language
  • check_circle Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • check_circle Inclusive language
  • check_circle Plagiarism
  • check_circle Compliance

Update content using Writer’s suggestions for grammar, voice, style, and word choice.

Download and publish
your improved content!

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