An AI platform
built for the enterprise

Finally! Generative AI that is secure, learns from your data, and is customized to your company’s brand and workflows.

AI platform

Innovative enterprises choose Writer to power critical generative AI use cases

Our unique approach

A powerful model
is just the beginning

We start with an LLM built for business, layer in the information that matters, and tailor outputs to your brand.

Palmyra LLM


Knowledge Graph


Data fine tuning

Data fine tuning

Custom templates

Custom templates

Brand governance

Brand governance

Palmyra LLMs
Differentiated LLMs

Meet Palmyra,
our family of LLMs

Unlike other large language models, Palmyra, our family of LLMs, is built for business. Here’s what that means:

Quality data

Trained on high-quality formal and business writing, rather than the mediocrity of the internet. 

Powerful capabilities

Skilled at answering questions, zero-shots, cause and effect, and other advanced tasks. 

Efficient model size

APIs priced at a fraction of larger LLMs, without compromising capability or accuracy.

Industry specificity

Developed specifically for industries like healthcare and financial services.

Ability to self-host

Offered as self-hosted option. Own, host, and customize your own version of our LLM.

Knowledge Graph

Enriched with Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is your information layer. It connects Writer with your most important data sources, like company wikis, databases, cloud storage platforms, and chat channels. With it, you can reflect your company facts in your output.

Fine-tuned with your data

Fine-tuned with your data

To improve output quality, we train the LLM with real content examples from your business, in the use cases and content formats that you care about. 

We train the LLM with real content examples from your business
Custom templates

Optimized with custom templates

Set bespoke input and output requirements to ensure the generated content meets your format, word count, and stylistic constraints. 

Custom template example: Brightstar landing page with fields including 'campaign / product, 'CTA', and 'audience segment' with a 'generate content' button at the end
Configured to your brand

Configured to your brand

We provide brand governance features like key terms and a style guide, so you can enforce your editorial rules with in-line suggestions for all your writers.

Key term being enforced on an example Brightstar page: 'business plan' has been flagged with a suggested replacement of 'team plan'
Ashish Padmantintiwar from Intuit

“Writer’s models are excellent, and allowed us to build an application that was super well-received by our users. The service is fast, the engineering support above and beyond, and the documentation clear.”

Ashish Padmantintiwar
Software Engineer

Build the way you want

We offer multiple ways to integrate generative AI into your team’s applications and workflows.

Apps and extensions

Access our ecosystem of Writer extensions, including Chrome, Google Docs, Word, Outlook, and Figma, that give you generative AI that is YOURS in 100+ third-party applications. Our Mac app enables Writer capabilities on popular desktop apps, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Chrome, Slack, Notion and will be available in June.

Mac app coming soon


Build custom applications and workflows on top of our LLMs with our enterprise API. Explore one of our out-of-the-box endpoints or build your own bespoke functionality.

Website content with the Writer API

Self-hosted LLM

Own, operate, and customize your own LLM, rather than spend millions of dollars and months of engineering time building one from scratch. With our self-hosted LLM offering, you can host and control your model in your cloud or on premises — no special hardware or technical expertise required.

Palmyra LLM

The only platform
with enterprise-grade security

Secure access

Secure access

Control access with SSO, role-based permissions, multi-factor authentication, activity audits and reports, domain discoverability, and more.



Get real-time and historical platform status and a 99.9% uptime commitment on our Enterprise plan.

Data privacy

Data privacy

Ensure data privacy, unlike other AI platforms that retain and use your data. Read our terms of service



Maintain compliance with SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield.

Neo Financial

Building Neo from the brand up
Delphine Lavy & Sam Cheung


Leading with editorial at Ellevest
Deedi Brown


One Voice at UiPath
Kate McDaniel

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