Writer + BitBucket

Deploy confidently
with every PR.

The Writer-BitBucket integration automates
content requests and handoffs with development,
so UX copy ships error-free and you never miss a thing.



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  • STEP 1: Create a protected branch

    Select a branch to protect in the repository you are working on. You can do this when you create a project within Writer or in the project’s settings.


    Keep doing your thing–writing code. Writer will not look at your code until you make a pull request.

  • STEP 3: Open a pull request

    Any pull request to the protected branch triggers a Writer status check. Writer instantly scans all chosen (whitelist/blacklist) resource files in your feature branch, allowing merge if the files are up to date on localization. If the status check fails, the pull request will be halted until translations have occurred within Writer.

  • STEP 4: Let Writer Do the localization work

    If the status check fails, your untranslated strings are sent to Writer, where all translation occurs. When localization is complete, the new or edited resource files are committed directly to a new Writer branch.

  • STEP 5: CHECK for the localized branch and pull

    Once the localization is complete, you will see an automatic pull request to your feature branch from the Writer branch. Once you complete the pull request for the localized branch, the status check will pass and your feature branch can merge with your protected branch.


    Your feature branch, with the new localized files, is merged to the master. Once merged, pull requests preserve a record of the historical changes to your code. These records are searchable and provide an audit trail for you or anyone else who wants to see who changed what and when.

Status Checks

Add content status checks to your
pull requests. Status checks can be
either strict or loose to suit your
approach to CI and deployment.

Fully Secure
& Auditable

Writer doesn’t read your secure
code. The integration grants access
to a specific branch and files within
a repository of your choice.

Install via
Atlassian Marketplace

Writer installs with a single click.

See Documentation

See it in action.
Request a demo.

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