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Drive continuous improvement
with writing insights


See where people make mistakes

Get data on which error categories trip up your team. Use that knowledge to fine tune your style guide, add new terms guidance, and create new snippets or templates.

Writer: Issue Report

Track utilization & adoption

Make the most of Writer by understanding where it’s installed, who’s taking your suggestions, and which snippets are most popular.

Writer: User Activity Report

Help users learn

Give users weekly reports to help them learn where they’re making mistakes. Provide customized learning resources so they can shore up their weaknesses.

Writer: Words Written

Privacy first

Though Writer’s reports will let you see what categories of mistakes people are making and how often suggestions are accepted, what your users write remains private to them.

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Jeneba (Massaquoi) Wint from LPL Financial
LPL Financial
“The content field has long needed a system like Writer’s. Streamlining content governance with AI is the future. Writer nails the experience for admins as well as end users, whether they’re trained writers or not. I love the ability to use reports to really see where my team needs help, and where we can make content even stronger. ”

Jeneba (Massaquoi) Wint
Assistant Vice President,
Content Operations
LPL Financial

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