How to use styleguides
to hit revenue metrics

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How to Use Styleguides to Hit Revenue Metrics: In-Depth Interviews With Global Content Leaders

“Since reworking our styleguide, our site sessions have increased 50%.”
— Ben Culpin of WakeupData

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Insights from How to Use Styleguides to Hit Revenue Metrics will help you scale the way you produce content across teams. Now that just about everyone produces content in some shape or form, it’s becoming increasingly important that your brand is consistent across channels. A styleguide helps content specialists as well as customer service representatives, social media marketers, product managers, designers, and more align your company’s voice.

Featuring interviews with global content marketing leaders:

• Alexandra Cote is a digital marketer for Paymo and a freelance strategist for SaaS and marketing brands. She’s written for Business 2 Community, Thrive Global, Product Marketing Alliance, and more.

• Kasey Fleisher Hickey is director of brand marketing and communications for Abstract and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen.

• Andrew Hatfield is director of product marketing at Portworx, a Kubernetes storage platform.

• Ben Culpin is a content marketer for WakeupData, an ecommerce feed platform based in Denmark.

• Megan Marrs is CEO of K9 of Mine, a dog care website dedicated to helping owners take the very best care of their furry four-legged companions.

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