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Learning and development

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Learning and development
Nancy Fenton from National Math and Science Initiative
National Math and Science Initiative
“I love working with Writer! I have used other software in the past but they have not been nearly as helpful. Writer is an exceptional tool for teachers to create effective materials to improve teaching and learning.”

Nancy Fenton
Instructional Designer
National Math and Science Initiative

Clear, error-free content

Improve content with automatic, line-by-line writing feedback to your instructional designers. Scale your editing powers and end wordiness, formality, passive voice, and errors.

Onboard & train quickly

Train new instructional designers on voice, terminology, and style in a snap. Make learning sticky with detailed, helpful, in-context tips and explanations. They’ll be writing like you in no time.

Keep everyone consistent, no matter who’s writing

Help multiple instructional designers contribute to the same set of materials for faster writing. Set up centralized writing rules and guidance that keep terminology, style, and grade level aligned.

Key Features

Develop great training content faster

Writer: Snippets
Writer: Issues Report
Content templates
Produce content faster with easy-to-apply templates and content components, so no one has to stare at an empty page again
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Custom editorial rules
Our UI missing a content rule you need? Use our flexible rules builder to write your own
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Inclusive language
Write inclusive curricula with in-line corrections for outdated, ableist, or gendered language
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Reporting and analytics
Track content quality and seat utilization across teams and individual users
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Works where you do

Google Docs
Microsoft Office

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