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Customer service leaders share best practices for managing thoughtful communications: Interviews with leaders of Amazon, DrChrono, and Modern Fertility | Ebook

In this ebook, customer support leaders from Amazon, DrChrono, and Modern Fertility talk about how they manage thoughtful communications and retain customers during one of the toughest times in economic history.

Download this ebook to learn how these leaders are:

  • Working through ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Creating resources for their teams to answer customers’ questions and connect on a human level
  • Shifting some of their priorities in business development in order to protect the company now and in the future

Featuring interviews with global customer service leaders:

Carol Valdez, principal UX writer and voice design lead, Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce platforms that sells just about everything from household staples to electronics and furniture. Powered by more than 800,000 employees, Amazon also provides cloud computing services, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence services.

Wendy Pochop, director of customer experience, DrChrono

DrChrono is a software and billing service platform consisting of Web- and cloud-based apps for doctors and patients. DrChrono makes electronic health records, practice management software, and medical billing software and provides medical revenue cycle management services.

Jen Lehr, customer experience team lead, Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility produces at-home fertility testing kits. Once women submit their blood samples to Modern Fertility, they receive a physician-reviewed fertility report within a week. Modern Fertility also provides information about test results and reproductive advice.

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