Terminology management

Brand development begins with terminology management. Learn why a term base is important for your company to achieve consistency.

Style guide

Need a style guide for your brand? Use this template for a fictional company that’s intended for you to copy and make your own.

Workplace communication

Workplace communication has become less structured and formal in recent years, with email and phone calls giving way to platforms like Slack and Zoom.

Everything about proofreading

Get pro proofreading and editing tips, recommendations for best free online proofreading tools, and learn about proofreader and copy editing careers.

Inclusive language in the workplace

Find out why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) language are ever-growing, always evolving, and increasingly important in the workplace right now.

Brand Messaging Frameworks

Get top tips for creating a brand messaging framework, examples of leading brands’ messages and taglines, plus a free ultimate brand messaging template.

A guide for implementing plain language in your content

Plain language helps you efficiently connect with your audience. Implement these plain English writing tips to attract readers and keep them reading your content.

What is content intelligence?

If you care about providing a great customer experience, you should be thinking about content intelligence and content AI tools.

Business Writing

The future is now. How AI writing assistants improve how people write at work.

Content strategy

The video embedded throughout this page are clips from interviews with 12 content strategy experts conducted by the Writer team. We asked them to share their views on how to create a consistent content strategy.

D&I terms and Inclusion glossary

Inclusive language helps shape inclusive cultures. Learn the basics with a comprehensive glossary of the words to use — and which to avoid.

AI writing assistants

AI writing assistants aren’t just for high school English papers anymore. Here’s why they’re the new new thing for the world’s smartest brands.