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Build with confidence on a generative AI platform designed to meet enterprise security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

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The only full-stack generative AI platform built just for enterprises

“Writer stood out in our due diligence process to meet our privacy and compliance requirements. Their transparent policy around not retaining or training on our data was a key factor in our selection of and partnership with Writer.”

Ajay Dhaul

Ajay Dhaul
SVP of Data and Applied AI

Safety & governance

Safety & governance

Safety & governance

Generate accurate, safe outputs with our models

We build, evaluate, and monitor our models to prevent misuse or harm, and
to help you generate accurate, safe, and reliable outputs.

Top-scoring for accuracy
We enable accuracy and quality through third-party testing and benchmarking. Read how Palmyra, the Writer family of LLMs, ranks on Stanford HELM benchmarking.

Reliability and consistency
We do not quantize or distill our LLMs in order to achieve reliable accuracy, 

quality, and performance.

We provide explainable outputs with source-citing and chain-of-thought features.

Safe outputs
We mitigate bias and toxicity with data cleaning, model auditing, fine tuning,

and output flagging features.

Contact for documentation
on our bias auditing and toxicity filters.

“There are two reasons I chose Writer: one was about security, privacy, and compliance. And the other one was about ethics and governance.”

Mary Ellen Slayter

Mary Ellen Slayter
Chief Executive Officer

Rep cap
Transparency & control

Transparency & control

Transparency & control

Own your data by default —
we don’t train on your data

We believe you should have full insight into and control over product usage,

data storage, and configuration to meet your specific security requirements.

No training on customer data
We don’t use the data you share
with us to create, modify, or train
our models.

Zero data retention
We take a zero data retention approach, storing data for only as long as is
needed to use our platform.

Access controls & visibility
We provide role-based permissions and least-privilege access for granular control and insight into product usage with user activity reports.

Flexible deployment
We offer both single and multi-tenant deployment options.

Privacy & compliance

Privacy & compliance

Privacy & compliance

Meet enterprise privacy and compliance requirements

We built the Writer platform specifically for enterprises, recognizing the importance of
protecting the data you share with us and complying with our obligations under global privacy
laws. Read our Privacy policy and Data processing agreement to learn more about how we
stand behind this commitment.

Protecting sensitive data
We enable companies in highly-
regulated industries to build AI apps that comply with their respective laws.

Operational safeguards
We safeguard your information with administrative, technical, physical, and organizational security measures.

We adhere to global privacy laws
and security standards with
measures to help you meet your compliance obligations.




Protect company data with a
fully-integrated approach

Instead of stitching together your own stack of third-party models,
RAG capabilities, and interfaces, choose an integrated generative AI
platform that minimizes risk and maximizes control.

We support all major SSO providers
and multi-factor authentication so
you can deploy Writer securely to your organization.

SOC 2 Type II
We undergo annual SOC 2 Type II evaluations to ensure our controls are designed and implemented to keep your data secure, available, and confidential.

Data protection
We encrypt data at rest and in transit,
and provision data in an isolated production project in Google Cloud.

We follow documented security practices including third-party audits, security trainings, disaster recovery exercises, penetration tests, access reviews, and automated scans.

“Writer is a platform that meets the highest level of security clearance, is done responsibly and done well, and eliminates a lot of the potential risks.”

Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin
Chief Market Officer


Security and trust at Writer

Does Writer train its models on my data?

Writer does not train its models on your data, nor does it train on user inputs or any outputs. You control how your data is used.

How does Writer protect my data?

We maintain and implement various administrative, technical, physical, and organizational security measures to protect the data you share with us. For example, all access to our internal administration tools is logged and periodically reviewed. Additionally, access to user data is restricted and only granted when required for job functions. Any access to user data requires security approval for access. We also support all major SSO providers and multi-factor authentication to help you securely deploy Writer to your organization, and we use secure keying practices that associate data with customer identifiers to maintain confidentiality. For a Writer account with multiple teams, inputs and data from one team aren’t used or accessible by another team, even within the same org. For more information about our security practices, including requests to review our SOC 2 (Type 2) report, please reach out to

What data does Writer store?

Writer stores two main types of customer data:

  1. Customer data: company terms, snippets, documents, and style guides.
  2. AI inputs and outputs: uploaded media, tuning data, source material, prompts and responses, applications.

Writer takes a zero data retention approach, storing data for only as long as is needed for you to build with our platform. None of your data is used for training our models. All data, files, and other materials that customers make available to Writer for using our platform, along with any inputs or generated outputs, are owned by that customer.

What mechanisms are in place to mitigate bias and inappropriate content?

Writer takes measures to reduce and protect against bias, including: data cleaning and preprocessing, oversight and annotation guidelines, model auditing, fine-tuning from human feedback, and a user feedback loop. We also offer a variety of filters that can be used to remove sensitive data.

We will provide documentation about the mechanisms of our toxic content filters and bias mitigation methodologies upon customer request.

How does Writer monitor for bias and toxicity?

We’ve developed an independent system that classifies input and output textual data and predicts its level of toxicity. This system also checks for other content attributes, like insults, profanity, identity attacks, threats, and sexually explicit words.

We will provide documentation about the mechanisms of our toxic content filters and bias mitigation methodologies upon customer request.

What measures are in place to protect against prompt injection?

Our platform prevents the rendering of any images or clickable links in output and cannot call out to any URL in the output.

What compliance and security certifications does Writer have?

Writer maintains SOC 2 Type II compliance and undergoes annual examinations that evaluate the controls we have designed and implemented based on the trust services criteria relevant to Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. We also maintain certifications for HIPAA Type 1 and PCI compliance and adhere to our obligations under global privacy laws.

How does Writer comply with the EU AI Act?

We are committed to complying with the EU AI Act as we continue to evaluate our obligations under it and are similarly committed to complying with our obligations under current laws and regulations, in particular those that apply to AI systems and the development of those systems. As laws, regulations, and guidance from regulators continue to evolve, we will continue to follow these developments closely and likewise evolve our approach as needed.

Security questions?

Please reach out to with additional questions
about security at Writer, or to discuss how we can meet your specific
security requirements.