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  • Writer is the perfect assistant. It’s like a content guardian angel, making sure everything we create is written in our voice.

    Lisa J. Young
    Content Strategy Manager

  • Our brand voice and content strategy are a huge part of our competitive advantage. Writer has become our go-to for driving that voice and strategy consistently across our products.

    Jennifer Schmich
    Senior Manager, Content Systems

  • Writer is the closest thing to a me-cloner I've found on the market. And it's far more than a Grammarly alternative. It's got Grammarly's feature set, sure — but the brand-specific style options and its gendered language detection make it vastly more valuable. Highly recommend that any brand that cares about voice, tone, and style add Writer to its stack ASAP.

    John Williams
    Head of Content Strategy

  • Writer has saved us tons of time and definitely improved content quality. And their customer support team is legit.

    Jennifer Cardenas
    VP of Operations

  • Writer has allowed me to centralize my content styleguide and terminology, making it much easier for others across the company to create marketing content that is aligned to our brand.

    Tommy Hyland
    VP of Marketing

  • It’s so great to finally have software that will allow you to create your own rules for editing copy and content across platforms without having to refer back to a physical document every time.

    Tim Jewell
    Lead Content Specialist

  • Writer helps anyone who writes copyedit their own work, remain consistent with their styleguide, and write clear content. It is well-designed and easy to use. Even after 20 years of experience in the field of plain language, I rely on Writer.

    Dr. Deborah Bosley
    Founder and Principal

AI Writing Assistant

Be consistent, no matter who’s talking

Because Writer’s corrections are based on your own messaging and terminology, writing becomes more consistent across your entire company.

From vocabulary and clarity to grammar and spelling, Writer provides additional content corrections that improve writing across your team.


Your content guidelines
don’t belong in a PDF

Use the Writer Styleguide to build a writing resource for
your entire company and automate content guideline adherence.

  • Publish your word lists and dictionaries across the company

  • Provide detailed writing dos and don’ts with examples

  • Create a single source of truth

  • Reflect your messaging in everything you write


Control where
suggestions show up

You want clear, strong writing, but you don’t want to interrupt people’s focused flow. Your team members can decide whether they want suggestions as they type, or after they are finished writing.

Admins can also toggle global settings in Writer for where and how to check content.


Works everywhere you do

Writer can edit emails, documents, support tickets, web
copy, product marketing, product UX, and more. If it lives on
the web or in a document, Writer can help make it good.

Sales & Marketing

Support & Success


Writing apps

Content Management Systems



Safe and secure

Writer was built for the needs of business users. Your content is just
that — yours. Unlike other AI writing assistants, Writer doesn't store your
data after processing it and it’s not used to train our AI models. Content is
only “read” in the moment and it doesn’t live on Writer's servers.

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The way we write has changed

Learn more about the AI writing industry and how advances in AI and NLP are helping companies publish better content, more consistently.


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