A tale of
two technologies

Writer lives at the
intersection of two
technologies —
one new, one old.

New Tech: Artificial Intelligence

You know the story. AI is a big deal and it impacts every aspect of our lives.

And while Writer won’t be unleashing Skynet, we are — in our (admittedly biased) opinion — some of the world’s most advanced and creative practitioners of unsupervised multilayer neural network AI.

We’ve been hard at work sourcing data, training models, and evaluating outputs since before deep learning was cool. And we apply it all to a technology that’s quite a bit older.

Old Tech: The Written Word

Writing is the oldest tech we’ve got, and after six thousand years the written word is bigger than ever.

Collectively we all read and write trillions of words a day. In fact, in 2014, it overtook speaking and listening as the primary mode of information exchange.

Which is cool!

At Writer, we love all words: literature, poetry, nonfiction, marketing copy, UX copy, even a masterfully-crafted Slack message. We decided to dedicate our professional lives to understanding the power of these words. We use AI to pull them apart, see what makes them tick, and then put them back together, better than ever.

Because let’s face it: for all the trillions of words we read on our devices everyday, the writing doesn’t seem to be getting much better.

So, that’s what we’re about. We don’t know what the future holds but we believe the written word plays a big part and we want to help make those words great.

Of course, we also want you to join us, be it as a teammate, a customer, a partner, or just a fellow word-lover.

Write soon,

The Writer Team

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