Content Strategy

Designing for a (healthy) global conversation: How Twitter does content strategy

Hear from Twitter content strategists Jordan Craig and Lisa Jennings Young on how to design healthy conversations and stay on brand using Writer.

Content Strategy

Maria from Handshake on writing for marketplaces

How Handshake, a three-sided marketplace, solved unique content challenges. With Maria Romanovsky, content strategist at Handshake, Uber and Facebook.

Content Strategy

How the QuickBooks content leadership unifies voice across Intuit

Hear from Intuit content experts on how they humanized their brand voice to stand out from the crowd and used Writer to inspire a more inclusive culture.

Content Strategy

That time Karl from iManage scaled support output by 400% with Writer

Find out how Karl’s team uses Writer to collaborate across teams and enable a team of 20 writers to quickly write and publish content.

Content Strategy

Deedi Brown of Ellevest on a community-driven content strategy

How Ellevest built its community-driven content strategy by women and for women, to get more money in the hands of women and others left behind because of their gender identities.

Content Strategy

Jeremy Cothran from Alva Labs on building your brand

Hear from brand and creative lead Jeremy Cothran on how Writer helps Alva build a differentiated, consistent brand in the competitive hiring tech market.

Content Strategy

Content is brand: ‘One Voice’ at UiPath

Get the UiPath playbook: How marketing leadership scaled content and unified brand voice at this RPA market leader.

Adore Me
Content Strategy

Ranjan Roy on Adore Me’s strategic shift to AI

Hear how Adore Me used CoWrite to accelerate content production and save each of their writers an average of 35 hours per month.

Customer love
James Ong from Intuit

James Ong
Content Lead

Jordan Craig from Twitter

Jordan Craig
Director, Content Design

Lisa Jennings Young from Twitter

“We can work a lot faster. It used to be where we had to re-litigate every editorial decision because we didn’t have a single source of truth.”

Lisa Jennings Young
Manager, Content Design

Maria Romanovsky from Handshake

Maria Romanovsky
Manager of Content Strategy

Sarah Mohs from Intuit

“Writer has allowed us to bring our styleguide to people where they work, whether it’s Google Docs or the Figma plugin.”

Sarah Mohs
Senior Content Architect

Tina O’Shea from Intuit

Tina O’Shea
Director, Content Design & Strategy

The AI writing platform of top teams

More customer love

Tina O’Shea from Intuit

“Writer helps us take the style decisions that we had made and brings them to people who don’t have the styleguide open all the time.”

Tina O’Shea
Director, Content Design & Strategy
Rich Jones from Vistaprint

“Writer’s customer success team is pretty awesome. They helped us get our guidelines, which Marketing owns, into Writer, and now teams from Content Design to Support are able to follow them easily.”

Rich Jones
Content Designer

“We were able to empower subject matter experts who knew information the best to author and run their own publication. In the last year alone, we had nearly a thousand articles published using the team publishing model — to have eyes on every single one of those articles, of course is impossible.”

Karl Gabbey
Director of Support Knowledge Management
Jeneba (Massaquoi) Wint from LPL Financial

“Streamlining editorial processes with AI is the future. Writer nails the experience for admins as well as end users, whether they’re trained writers or not. I love the ability to use reports to really see where my team needs help, and where we can make content even stronger.”

Jeneba (Massaquoi) Wint
Assistant Vice President, Content Operations
LPL Financial
Stephen Jeske from MarketMuse

“As a former Grammarly (paid version) user, I’m really happy to be using Writer. Being able to incorporate a styleguide was the clincher for me.”

Stephen Jeske
Senior Content Strategist

“Great writing is the foundation of great marketing. Writer helps us develop that muscle, and as a result our brand stands out.”

Ranjan Roy
VP of Strategy
Adore Me
Patrick Paul from Ikos

“I love that Writer helps my team communicate confidently, effectively, and inclusively. Whether it’s to each other or to our users, writing well is an essential business need, and Writer helps us nail it.”

Patrick Paul
Nancy Fenton from National Math and Science Initiative

“I love working with Writer! I have used other software in the past but they have not been nearly as helpful. Writer is an exceptional tool for teachers to create effective materials to improve teaching and learning.”

Nancy Fenton
Instructional designer
National Math and Science Initiative
Sara Rayment from Inkling

“With Snippet libraries, support agents are many times more effective than before. We can give them the exact right thing to say.”

Sara Rayment
Jennifer Cardenas from Codeless

“Writer has saved us tons of time and definitely improved content quality. And their customer support team is legit.”

Jennifer Cardenas
VP of Operations

“I use Writer in GDocs to bring clarity to my sentences and write well consistently. It’s above any other writing tool I’ve used before.”

Maicco Ferreira
Technical project Manager

“I love running Writer before I pass articles to our layout team. In addition to reminding me of company style quirks I often forget, it has helped me avoid vague pronouns and embarrassing subject-verb agreement issues.”

Colter Cookson
Business Editor
The American Oil & Gas Reporter

“We spend most of our time building tech, but we also need to communicate about it with our clients and partners. Writer helps us keep our writing clear, consistent, and inclusive.”

Raphael Titsworth-Morin
Co-founder, CTO
Ephemere Creative

“It’s so great to finally have software that will allow you to create your own rules for editing copy and content across platforms without having to refer back to a physical document every time.”

Tim Jewell
Editorial Leader

“We wouldn’t be able to use a product like Writer if it didn’t pass our stringent security standards. Their HIPAA-compliancy screening, privacy policies and data analytics checked all our boxes.”

Justin McIntosh
Content Strategy Manager

“Writer has allowed me to centralize my content styleguide and terminology, making it much easier for others across the company to create marketing content that is aligned to our brand.”

Tommy Hyland
VP of Marketing