crafting for
AI writing tools

A hands-on-keyboard workshop for content marketers

Prompt crafting for AI writing tools

Prompt crafting [‘prahmpt kraft-ing’]

The art of succinctly communicating requests to your AI assistant for optimal output

Forget pre-made prompt lists that generate generic results. In this hands-on-keyboard workshop, we break down the anatomy of a good AI writing prompt so you can harness AI to turn your ideas into content marketing gold.

Watch Writer’s May Habib (CEO) and Alaura Weaver (Sr. Manager, Content & Community) in our first workshop experience for content pros.

By the end of the video, you’ll have…

  • The recipe for an AI prompt that produces output you can run with
  • A hand-crafted prompt to tackle your least-favorite writing task
  • One strong, AI-generated first draft and one less item on your list
  • No need to waste time on click-bait ChatGPT prompt lists again!

After you’ve watched the video, don’t forget to check out our guide “Prompt crafting: how to create kickass AI writing prompts for any marketing task“. It covers everything from how generative AI works, to the inputs AI needs to generate strong output, to must-have prompts for any marketing task.