Prompt crafting:
building customer love (and revenue) with AI

A hands-on-keyboard workshop for customer marketers

Example prompt broken down by format, audience, purpose, context, outcome, CTA, tone, parameters

Prompt crafting [‘prahmpt kraft-ing’]

The art of succinctly communicating requests to your AI assistant for optimal output

Customer marketing + AI writing tools = a match made in customer-led growth heaven.

Generative AI means customer marketing leaders are empowered more than ever to:

  • scale customer advocacy campaigns,
  • personalize messaging for more meaningful onboarding and adoption,
  • and tell more customer stories.  

All of that adds up to unlocking and growing revenue from existing customers like never before.

But the key to a good partnership between customer marketing and AI is all in how you communicate. To speak the love language of AI tools, you need to know how to create a well-made prompt for any customer marketing use case.

Watch Writer’s May Habib (CEO) and Alaura Weaver (Sr. Manager, Content & Community) as they develop prompts for AI writing tools to create content that’ll make customers fall head over heels for your brand throughout the entire customer journey.

By the end of the video, you’ll discover creative ways to use AI for…

  • Scaling customer advocate recruitment and nurturing efforts
  • Personalizing welcome and onboarding sequences
  • Driving more adoption with better customer education and awareness campaigns
  • Telling compelling customer stories with AI-assisted case studies