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Use the best plagiarism checker to detect plagiarized writing from billions of web pages, books, research papers, academic papers, and news sources. Our advanced AI-powered writing assistant thoroughly scans your text to make sure no content is plagiarized. Writer’s online plagiarism checker is the top tool for students, teachers, professionals, companies, and writers.

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Thorough plagiarism checking you can trust

Thorough plagiarism checking you can trust

There’s a lot of content out there. Rest easy knowing you won’t be suspected of plagiarism. We make sure your writing isn’t too close to anything else on the web, so you can share your writing confidently.

Go beyond plagiarism checks

Check your writing for grammar, spelling, tone, style, and more with Writer’s grammar check. Focus on what you want to say, we’ll help you say it effectively.

Go beyond plagiarism checks

Frequently asked questions

  • How does the Writer plagiarism checker work?

    Plagiarism detection or content similarity detection is the process of identifying plagiarized, copied, or copyright-infringed content. Writer’s advanced artificial intelligence scans every word of your text to make sure your writing is completely original. The plagiarism checker reviews your work against billions of web pages. If any part of your text matches something already published on the internet, our tool will show a plagiarism alert.

    Our proprietary technology uses contextual analysis and highly intelligent algorithms. Our plagiarism checker will indicate whether your writing contains duplicate content and flag passages that require citations.

  • What are the benefits of using Writer’s plagiarism checker?
    • Rest easy knowing that your work is free of plagiarism.
    • Our tool has been vetted by thousands of people. Students, teachers, freelance writers, and professionals continually rely on the Writer plagiarism checker.
    • Our plagiarism checker is secure and safe to use, and we respect your privacy. We will not share your information with anyone.
  • How do I understand the plagiarism report?

    The first step is to copy and paste your text into the Writer plagiarism tool. Accurate results will appear almost instantly. The right-hand panel of the tool will flag plagiarized language and content that should include original source attribution.

  • Why should I use a free plagiarism detector?

    When you’re writing a paper, essay, presentation, or research project, you’re often heads-down, focused on the topic or assignment at hand. As you’re writing and researching in tandem, you might forget to attribute a source or place quotations around information that requires citation. That’s where the Writer plagiarism checker comes in.

    In today’s competitive world, it’s critical to make sure your work is original and properly attributes research, quotes, and citations to proper original sources. The Writer plagiarism tool makes sure that your work does not directly copy another source.

  • Is plagiarized content bad for search engine optimization (SEO)?

    If you're a blogger hoping to reach the top of Google with your writing, then it's best to avoid duplicate content. Search engine algorithms tend to favor the original content source in their results. Use Writer's plagiarism scanner to check for duplication, so that you can reach your goals with unique content.

  • How do I check for plagiarism in Google Docs?

    With so many students, schools, and companies using Google Docs to create reports and documents, we developed Writer’s technology with Google Docs top of mind. Sign up for a free trial of Writer and install the Google Docs add-on, making it super easy to check your writing right in the Google Doc.

    Want to check a DOCX file format for plagiarism? There's even a Microsoft Word plugin available as part of the Writer trial.

  • Who uses Writers’ plagiarism checker?

    Students enjoy using the Writer plagiarism checker whenever they write a paper or report. They want to make sure that they’ve properly credited their source material to help them get a top grade. Teachers can also use our plagiarism checker to check that all sources have been cited correctly and also verify that students are producing original work.

    In addition to students and instructors, professionals such as journalists, copywriters, researchers, and business leaders use the Writer plagiarism checker to make sure their presentations and reports correctly attribute key information.

Plagiarism Checker

What does our free plagiarism checker cover?

Our free plagiarism checker makes sure your text doesn’t resemble anyone else’s writing on the same topic. We automatically catch suspiciously close language and flag it so you can avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Is there a
checking app?

Yes! When you sign up for Writer you’ll get access to powerful and easy-to-use tools that check your writing for plagiarism, voice and tone, writing style, formality, gender tone, and more.

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Writer is great for anyone who wants to get their point across in writing. Our tools are trusted by copywriters, UX writers, marketers, product teams, and more.

Drafting an important email? Run it through Writer to catch mistakes. Putting together a marketing page for a product? Let Writer analyze it for voice and tone to make sure it’s on brand and persuasive.

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