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Support person using Ask Writer. Question: How do our CSAT results compare to those from last year? Response: Overall customer satisfaction rose by 25%, service ratings rose by 17%, and intention to upgrade rose by 8%. Satisfaction with our professional service offering fell by 3%.
Marketing person using Ask Writer. Question: Do we have any approved stats on ROI? Response: The following stats are approved for use: 
“78% of customers saw positive ROI within their first six months” from The 2023 Brightstar Values Survey.
HR person using Ask Writer. Question: Do our job descriptions have biased language? Response: There’s biased language in Senior Content Strategist, Enterprise Sales Manager, and FP&A analyst. They use the terms “man hours”, “native”, and “salesmen”.
Product person using Ask Writer. Question: What are common reasons for login errors? Response: The most common reasons are incorrect username or password, account lockouts, expired accounts, device incompatibility, and network connectivity issues.
Sales person using Ask Writer. Question: What are top requests from prospects? Response: Based on 18 interview recordings, the top requests were more granular admin controls, the ability to convert video files into new formats, and more storage space.

The power of AI and your data

LLMs on their own have a limited understanding of your company. Writer connects to your key knowledge sources and files so you can get accurate answers and salient insights.

Connect your key knowledge sources and use Writer to ask questions, conduct research, analyze data, create summaries, surface insights, and more.
Writer-built LLMs

Skilled at answering questions, achieving top scores on key benchmarks like Stanford HELM and PubMedQA.

Your business data

Upload and analyze documents with up to 10 million words or reference data in your Knowledge Graph.

Any file type

Works with docs, spreadsheets, charts, presentations, PDFs, images, websites, and more.

What is direct indexing? Direct indexing is a method of investing in individual stocks that represent a specific benchmark. For example, you can track the performance of the S&P 500 by holding most of the underlying securities of that index.
Power your Q&A apps

Use our chat interface to ask questions of our LLMs and your internal knowledge and data. Refine your queries, ask follow-up questions, and get annotations based on data sources.

What were the top themes from the latest employee satisfaction survey?

Here are the top themes employees reported:
1. Improved understanding of company strategy
2. More visibility in career growth opportunities
3. Confusion on communication norms
4. Spread too thin as we ramp up hiring
5. Desire for more in-person events
Analyze your data

Synthesize your data to surface insights and summarize trends. Conduct analysis on data from your Knowledge Graph or upload documents directly.

User Insights Report

This UX research report summarizes 10 user interviews conducted on Brightstar, a design platform for educators.

Top Use Cases and Pain Points
- Create beautiful lesson plans for online learning
- Edit and distribute videos quickly
- More technical design tools are difficult to learn

Usability Feedback on the Video Feature
- 4 users found that the video playback was slow and the video quality was poor
Summarize your recordings

Save hours of work reviewing audio and video files and taking notes. Recaps automatically transcribes your recordings and generates summaries based on your specific use case.

Learn more
What resources do we have on app integrations? Here are some key resources that may help:
- Apps Database: a list of apps by vertical and use case
- Integration Guide: step-by-step directions on setting up third-party apps to our platform
- Developer documentation: developer resource on our APIs
Research across files

Skip manually searching through all your documents. Let Writer identify the right resources and compile the information you need in seconds.

Use cases

Run fast across every function

Empower every team to transform their workflows with generative AI.

Sales and Support person
Sales and Support
QBR sales trends analysis
Knowledge base error check
Regional account summary
Customer satisfaction survey trends
Funnel analysis
Sales reports
Finance, IT, and HR person
Finance, IT, and HR
Employee survey analysis
Sales and revenue forecasts
Key trends in employee reviews
Job description inclusivity check
Supply chain analysis
Competitor analysis
Product and Design person
Product and Design
Most likely UX errors
Key feature usage trends
Verbatim product survey
UX inclusivity assessment
User research synthesis
Feature requests
Marketing and Comms person
Marketing and Comms
Key market trends
Competitor brand comparison
Approved testimonials
Brand cohesion across asset types
Prospect research synthesis
Analysis for white papers

Your enterprise-grade AI platform

Writer has been committed to the privacy and security of your data from day one.

Data privacy
Data privacy

Your data stays private. Writer never stores, shares, or uses any of your data in our models.

SOC 2 Type II
Privacy Shield

Writer adheres to SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and CCPA.

Admin controls
Admin controls

Manage access with SSO, set permissions by role, and access admin and reporting tools.


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Kate Pluth

“We need to punch above our weight. Generative AI is a way to help us be more efficient.”

Anna Griffin

“With Knowledge Graph, we’ve built digital assistants that enable salespeople in real time, giving them accurate, on-brand insights on objection handling, competitive differentiation, personas, and more.”

Jim Snyder

“The most straightforward way to help lawyers is to help them understand a corpus of documents that they get. Our AI chatbot Cecilia is built on top of Writer LLMs. It’s pretty amazing how it can help them understand what’s in the corpus.”

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