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Support: Single sign-on (SSO) is a convenient way for employees to access multiple applications and systems without having to log in to each one separately.

It’s important to set up SSO correctly in order to ensure security and data integrity. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up SSO for your organization.

Collect Configuration Information for Your Organization

The first step is to collect the necessary configuration information from your organization, such as domain name...
Operations: John Doe is a 61-year-old male who was recently injured at work. His torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder has led to multiple surgeries and physical therapy treatments, resulting in a long recovery period where he was unable to work.

John is filing a claim for the medical expenses as his lost wages due to the injury. He will be providing medical summaries, medical history, and medical records as supporting documentation for his claim.

John would like his employers to be held accountable for his injury, as it is a common occurrence among those who perform repetitive overhead motions, and can be caused by overuse or...
Product: Get ready for a good night's sleep with the Jayne Knit Short PJ Set.

Made from soft, lightweight rayon and spandex fabric, this set is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The short-sleeve top features a classic...
Marketing: It’s time to say goodbye to guesswork. And so long to random acts of marketing. Enough of the fluff and away with the spray-and-pray.

This document is all about helping manufacturing businesses leverage predictive...
L&D: About the session
This training session covers key areas that employees should be aware of to comply with anti-money laundering and financial crime regulations.

Key speaker
Jonathan Lee, Head of Compliance

Topics reviewed
1. Sanctions and Asset Freeze
Financial institutions must ensure they are not doing business or facilitating the transfer of funds with entities, individuals, or countries included in economic...

Embed AI into any workflow

For generative AI to achieve efficiency and scale, it must be customized to your business processes. Writer delivers consistent, accurate output tailored to your use cases. Here’s how we do it:

Build custom templates
Build AI apps
Use composable UI elements to create bespoke apps for each use case.
Train on your examples
Train on your examples
Fine-tune with your best examples to ensure output is high-quality.
Standardize your outputs
Standardize your outputs
Ensure work is repeatable and consistent — no prompt engineering required.
Get started quickly

Jumpstart content creation

Enable your people to get immediate support on their work. Our library of AI apps covers a wide range of use cases to help you ideate with ease and draft in seconds.

The recaps app makes it easy to repurpose audio and video files, and the image analyzer app helps you generate content off of visual assets.


Upload a recording or transcript, and we’ll surface takeaways.

Blog post
Blog post

Start with a headline idea. We’ll generate an outline, key points, and blog post.

Ask Writer
Ask Writer

Use Writer’s AI to answer a question or fulfill a request.

FAQ generator
FAQ generator

Generate an answer to an FAQ from the question and a bit of context.

Image and page
Image analyzer

Upload an image and ask questions or generate content.

Job description
Job description

Generate a job description from a few notes.

Outbound email
Outbound email

Generate outbound sales emails.

Product description
Product description

Generate product description pages from key product information.

Error messages
Error messages

Generate product error messages.

Use cases

Increase productivity across every function

Empower every team to transform their workflows with generative AI.

Sales person
Sales and Support
Meeting prep
Sales enablement
Personalized sales emails
Knowledge management
Call summaries
Finance person
Finance, IT, and HR
Incident reports
Investor relations materials
Job descriptions
Best practices
Training materials
Meeting summaries
Product person
Product and Design
Push notifications
Error messages
UX flows
Zero-state pages
Coverage decision making
Release notes
Marketing person
Marketing and Comms
Blog posts
Landing pages
Marketing emails
Social media campaigns
Case studies

Only Writer delivers output that’s accurate, compliant, and on-brand.

Write a FAQ that explains direct indexing.

What is direct indexing?
Direct indexing is a method of investing in individual stocks that represent a specific benchmark. For example, you can track the performance of the S&P 500 by holding most of the underlying securities of that index.
Reflect your data

LLMs on their own have limited knowledge of your company. Upload internal files or use Knowledge Graph to connect Writer to your data sources and generate accurate outputs and insights.

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Enforce your guardrails

Produce work that is compliant, accurate, on-brand, and inclusive. Writer combines model training, use case-based NLP refinements, and your style guide and approved terms to enforce your rules automatically.

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Get a proven approach to ROI

Our experienced solutions architects and customer success managers partner closely with you, from onboarding to implementation to ongoing program management.

Solutions architects and customer success managers
  • 1. Create admin controls
  • 2. Create rollout plan
  • 3. Train and enable users
  • 4. Monitor user engagement
  • 5. Drive ongoing adoption
Technical implementation
  • 1. Scope key use cases
  • 2. Define brand and AI guidelines
  • 3. Structure AI apps
  • 4. Fine-tune with training data
  • 5. Build AI workflows
  • 6. Revise and refine

To get adoption fast, the whole platform needs to feel easy and turnkey. Writer achieves that but you also have great customer success partners. The team was beside us every step of the way.”

Anna Griffin from Commvault

Anna Griffin
Chief Market Officer


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“In the past, expanding into a new market was a very heavy lift because the content side alone would be a major investment. With Writer AI Studio, we can approach international expansion with a strategic lever.”

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