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How to create stand-out email subject lines (hint: we’ve got a generator)

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Picture this: you’ve spent hours planning, creating, and writing an email campaign to promote your new product release. You’ve put in the effort and time to create a showstopping email campaign and it all kicks off as soon as your prospect opens their email notification.

And that’s when you hear that 47% of people open their emails based on subject lines.

The pressure is on. If you want your foot in the door, you better create an eye-catching, showstopping email subject line that drives the prospect to open your email.

Now, the question is, “what makes an email subject line engaging?”

Well… we’ve got the answers (and a handy email subject line generator) to help you write stand-out email subject lines that guarantee your message gets noticed.

7 best practices to make your email subject line stand out from the inbox crowd

Email subject lines are a chance to leave an impactful first impression on the reader. We’ve got some tips to make sure your email subject line gets noticed instantly:

1. Keep it short and sweet

Email subject lines that are between six to ten words have the highest open rates. People are busy and don’t have time to read long, drawn-out subject lines. Keep your subject lines concise and to the point.

For example, instead of “join our live webinar about the best 2023 SEO content practices,” you can shorten it to “What’s New in SEO for 2023?”

2. Create urgency

Action verbs convey a sense of urgency and importance, and they can encourage people to open your email.

Use words to convey urgency, like for example, “now,” “today,” “announcing,” and “new” to create a sense of excitement and urgency.

For example, instead of “Sign up to our SEO 2023 webinar,” opt for “5 spots left for the SEO 2023 webinar; join now or miss out!”

3. Be clear about the offer

Don’t waste any time or make false assumptions by being too secretive or ambiguous with the value your email offers. Make sure your valuable offer is always front and center in the subject line. This will immediately answer the prospect’s question, “what is in it for me?”

For example, instead of “Subscribe to our Newsletter,” use “Stay Ahead of Content Trends With Our Newsletter.”

4. Use numbers and symbols

Numbers and symbols can catch people’s attention and make your subject line memorable. Use statistics or lists to make your subject line stand out.

For example, instead of “Try our New App Features” to “5 New App Features That Will Transform Your Experience”.

Or, here’s an example of how Allego, a sales enablement platform uses numbers to differentiate their webinar offering.

5. Use personalization 

Adding a touch of personalization can improve open times by 22%. Additionally, a personal touch shows the prospect you value their business and send them relevant content that meets them at their buying stage.

For example, instead of “Book a Demo,” opt for “Hey Suzan, Let’s Chat Over a Demo?”

Here’s an example of how HubSpot uses personalization in their email subject lines to connect with their users.

6. Be honest

You want your subject line to be catchy, but avoid tricking people into opening your email with a misleading subject line.

Not only will it inaccurately reflect user interest in analytics, but it’ll also lead to user frustration and mistrust in the future.

7. Consider using a question

Questions can be a great way to entice curiosity in the reader and make them curious to find out more about your email.

However, use questions that align with the email’s body. That way you ensure the reader is actually interested in learning more.

For example, instead of “Download our Sales playbook,” try” Do you want to combine your sales and marketing efforts? Download our Ebook to learn how.”

Here’s an example of how Mindtickle, a sales enablement platform uses questions in their subject lines:

The benefits of using an email subject line generator

It’s alarming to think that after you’ve spent so much time curating the perfect email campaign, the choice of your email being opened or ignored lies solely on the choice of words in the subject line.

Email subject line generators help you increase open rates with creative and accurate subject lines that accurately represent the email’s content body.

Other benefits include:

  • Save time: the email subject line generator comes up with ideas for you. Moreover, as the subject line is generated by analyzing the email’s copy, you ensure to get accurate and creative results.
  • Create unique and engaging subject lines: generators bring creativity and help avoid the trap of using the same old sales phrases repeatedly.
  • Improve conciseness: email subject line generators can help get your point across quickly.
  • Ensure inclusive language: automated email subject lines ensure that the message is welcoming to all by using inclusive language.

How to use Writer email subject line generator

Writer’s email subject line generator can help you create stand-out subject lines that’ll increase the likelihood of your email being opened.

Step 1: write down your current draft email subject line.

Step 2: copy and paste your current email body, or write down a couple of sentences that explain the email’s content.

Step 3: define the purpose of the email.

Then, let Writer work its magic.

You’ll get a list of possible email subject line choices. From the provided list you’ll be able to choose the subject line that’s the most promising following the tips we provide above.

Take a look at Writer’s email subject line generator in action

Here’s an example of Writer recreating email subject lines.

Current draft subject line: join our live webinar about the best 2023 SEO content practices

Details of the email body: join a live webinar about the best 2023 SEO content practices with industry experts and a Q&A session

Purpose of the email: register for the webinar

Here’s a list of email subject lines created by Writer:

  • 2023 SEO Content Practices Webinar
  • Best Practices for SEO in 2023
  • SEO Content Practices for the New Year
  • Updating Your SEO Strategy for 2023
  • What’s New in SEO for 2023?
  • SEO Trends for 2023
  • Maximizing Your SEO in 2023
  • Improve Your SEO Content Strategy
  • Get Ahead of the Curve with SEO in 2023
  • Best SEO Practices for 2023

The next step is to choose the best subject line that reflects your email’s content and follows the best practices.

I’ve got an email subject line, what next?

Once your email subject line has been perfected and chosen, it’s time to release your email to the world.

It’s good practice to do some A/B testing between email subject lines. By keeping an eye on and tracking the performance of your email, you’ll be able to gain insight into your customers preferences.

Additionally, it gives you a deeper understanding of the offers and approaches that most interest users for future campaigns.

That way, future email subject lines can be tailored to meet customer preferences and continuously improve email open rates.


AI-generated content FAQ

How does Writer generate content?

Our content generation capabilities are powered by our family of large language models — specifically, deep learning language models trained to generate text. It’s trained on over 300 billion tokens of text data, and the size of the resulting model is over 20 billion parameters. From training, it can understand how language is stitched together and constructed, predicting what might come next given a question or input.

Where does the data for the model come from?

The 300 billion tokens come from open source and public domain text. This includes corpuses of text such as Common Crawl (an extremely large body of text crawled from the web and maintained by the NLP community), books, and a complete copy of Wikipedia.

How does customization and tuning work?

To customize the outputs, we rely on best-in-class examples from you. This can be just one to two examples, or thousands of examples. With examples, our model can better understand the context in which it’s writing content, making the output more in-line with your domain. Writer can also pick up on language and tone patterns, better matching your style.

What does Writer do with the custom training data I provide?

If you decide to train Writer with your custom data, that data will only ever be usable in your version of Writer. We will never share your training data or any custom apps you make with anyone.

Who owns the IP to content created with Writer?

You, the customer, own all intellectual property rights to content created using Writer.

Is the content generated by Writer good for SEO?

Google’s algorithms reward original, high-quality content. The content produced by Writer is completely original. Quality is, of course, subjective, but we recommend human team members review output before publishing. Review steps should include checking content structure, fact-checking, and incorporating original insights and information where relevant. Humans and search engine algorithms are unlikely to distinguish AI-generated content if these steps are followed. Read more about AI-generated content and SEO on our blog.

Writer seems to know some details about my company, even before training it on my own data. Where did that come from?

Since our model is trained on public domain text found on the web, the more your company has a presence on the web, the more Writer will know how to generate text based on publicly known company information. If Writer knows nothing or very little about a company, it will generalize based on what it’s seen about other similar companies.

Where does Writer get facts, quotes, and statistics from? How can I verify these as true?

Statistics and facts generated by Writer aren’t necessarily true. The model is suggesting that this is a statement that would fit well in the content, but it has no way to confirm that it’s definitely true. Any facts or statistics you see should be verified by a human editor.

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