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Evolving workflows with AI:
How BambooHR speeds up content at scale with Writer

A conversation with Executive Creative Director John Meese and
Writing Team Manager Marie-Reine Pugh

BambooHR customer story
hours saved per week
of users are highly
time to market
Why did you select Writer?
What are some ways your team uses Writer?
How have you approached adoption?

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Writer is the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises. We make it easy for organizations to adopt AI apps and workflows that deliver quantifiable ROI quickly.

Writer helps organizations build highly-customized AI apps that compress entire business processes, support complex use cases, and infuse work with company intelligence. Our enterprise-grade platform can be deployed flexibly, keeps your data private, and adheres to global privacy laws and security standards. Leading enterprises choose Writer, including Vanguard, Intuit, L’Oreal, Accenture, and Kenvue.

John Meese is the Executive Creative Director at BambooHR, with over 20 years of experience leading creative teams. Prior to joining BambooHR, he was the Creative Director at ExpertVoice, where he led major rebranding initiatives and established the product design team. John is passionate about inspiring his teams and focusing on professional and personal growth.

Marie-Reine Pugh manages the Writing team at BambooHR. She champions the Oxford comma and BambooHR’s voice far and wide, and oversees the development of blogs, newsletters, emails, social copy, and more.

Read or listen to the story of how Marie-Reine, John, and the team at BambooHR are using Writer to streamline the creative process, increase productivity, and scale teams.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and what you do at BambooHR.

BambooHR homepage
BambooHR homepage

What led you to pursue generative AI?

“We handle a lot of personal data being in HR and a software provider, so it was also really important that it met our tight data governance policies. Writer met all of those requirements.”

John Meese

John Meese
Executive Creative Director

What led you to select Writer?

Writer marketing email app
A custom AI app for marketing emails

What are some of the ways you are using Writer?

“Writer and other AI-capable tools are going to be part of your career, and you’ll be able to empower so many more people to do the work that you would have had to do on your own.”

John Meese

John Meese
Executive Creative Director

“The expertise and support provided by the Writer customer success team is invaluable.”

Marie-Reine Pugh

Marie-Reine Pugh
Writing Team Manager

How are other teams adopting Writer?

“Writer has allowed us to scale support for content to other teams that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.”

Marie-Reine Pugh

Marie-Reine Pugh
Writing Team Manager

How did you and the team approach rollout and adoption?

Recaps app
Using Writer to recap a webinar

What impact have you seen from generative AI?

What advice do you have for other AI leaders?

“With Writer, we have a built-in, active participant that automatically understands our needs and guidelines.”

John Meese

John Meese
Executive Creative Director

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