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Content components

Use snippets to build a library of reusable content components your writers and designers can pull up in Figma.


Build a robust terms list based on approved terms and product taxonomy so your designers can access them quickly.

Inclusive language

Communicate inclusively with corrections for outdated, ableist, or gendered language within Figma.

Clarity and consistency

Help your team write clearly and consistently. Enforce uniform language across your product content and design.

Manage multiple products

Manage content design systems for multiple products and business units with Teams.

Roles and permissions

Use edit and view permissions to control who can edit components, terminology, and style guides.

“We can work a lot faster. It used to be where we had to re-litigate every decision because we didn’t have a single source of truth.”

Lisa Young from Twitter

Lisa Young
Content Design Manager


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“It’s a huge competitive advantage to have strong writing and brand consistency across every customer touchpoint and Writer helps us do that.”

Rich Jones
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