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“Recaps speeds up our distribution process and breaks down our content in a meaningful way so we have a consistent narrative. This maximizes our ROI for every piece.”


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Accelerate your workflows

Don’t waste time manually processing recordings. Let recaps do the heavy lifting, from transcribing to synthesizing key takeaways. Increase your speed and output by automating the creation of content from audio and video files.

Accelerate your workflows: recaps queue in Writer

Uncover the insights you need

Your best insights can get buried in hours of recordings. From strategy meetings to influencer interviews, recaps surfaces the most salient points from your recordings, and puts it in a format that’s ready for use.

Pain points and needs / budget and timeline / objections / next steps

events into campaigns

Create connected experiences for your anchor content. Generate key takeaways, quotes, and summaries that let you repurpose every piece for multiple audiences and channels.

Turn events into campaigns: blog post from a webinar
Use cases


Don’t let your webinars be just a flash in the pan. Get a ton of content from a single recording.

With recaps, you can generate:

  • Bulleted takeaways for follow-up emails
  • Summary content for a blog post
  • Speaker quotes as text and video to use for ads
  • Key hooks for social media
  • Landing page copy for the on-demand version
Sales email example: [Name], I'd like to discuss your AI-supported sales efforts. We help technology companies collect their prospects straight from professional social networks, import them directly into their CRM, and personalize outreach at scale. Check out our Sales leader talking about how he uses our product.


Engage your event attendees immediately after the event by accelerating your post-event content.

From in-person or virtual recordings, recaps lets you generate:

  • Event page copy for on-demand viewing
  • Blog content based on your keynote
  • Summaries for anyone that missed a session
  • Bulleted takeaways for follow-up emails
  • Speaker quotes as text and video to use for ads
  • Key hooks for social media
Marketing blog post example: State of AI keynote. AI has taken the world by storm. To help companies understand how they can best use AI, we’ve been traveling the world to share best practices and amazing customer stories. In our keynote session at the Seattle event, Daniel Siragusa, our Chief...


Extend the reach of your podcast by repurposing the content for more channels and driving awareness for each episode.

Based on just the recording, recaps can generate:

  • Blog content on topics that get cut
  • Summaries and bullets for episode listings
  • Takeaways for newsletters
  • Copy for promotional posts on social media
Podcast social post example: I couldn’t be more excited to share the 50th episode of our Behind the Style Guide podcast! Thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with us. And a very special thank you to Paula Brown for sharing her wisdom on building your company’s style guide. In this episode, Paula shares tips on: Getting everyone on board with creating a style guide / Deciding what to include in your style guide / Enabling everyone to use the style guide. Listen now on your favorite podcast streaming service!


Help people tackle their action items by quickly creating and sharing notes and next steps with everyone.

Using video or audio recordings, you can use recaps to generate:

  • Notes from the meeting so everyone can focus
  • Summaries for people that couldn’t attend
  • Key takeaways to share in a follow-up email
  • Quotes to highlight key comments
Meeting summary example: Summary of March all-hands meeting
If you were unable to attend the All Hands yesterday, please read through this summary so you can get up to speed on the latest happenings at the company. Our CEO, Brandy, kicked off the meeting by going through company performance in Q1 thus far.


Accelerate your process for extracting notes and insights from interviews — whether screening job candidates or meeting with industry analysts.

From just the raw file, recaps can generate:

  • Takeaways to share with the hiring manager
  • Blog topics based on industry expert chats
  • Ideas from internal strategy discussions
  • Quotes from a customer story interview
Candidate overview example: Sheila Sims is going through the hiring process to join Acme as a VP. As part of the process, we have compiled this overview document of her experience and qualifications. Strengths: Sheila says that her biggest strength is “her ability to understand the customer.” Sheila also mentioned that she is well-versed in agile methodology. Experience: Sheila communicated that her most relevant experience is from her time at Wayne Enterprises.

Sales calls

Speed up your sales cycle by getting a crisp summary of your customer calls in seconds.

Skip tedious note-taking and use recaps to:

  • Distribute summaries of your prospects’ pain points, needs, budget, and timeline to internal teams
  • Collate top customer objections
  • Draft follow up emails with clear next steps to move the deal along
Internal email example: Hi leadership team, Elizabeth from Solutions Architect team and myself had our call with Taylor North, Head of IT at Fairfax State University this morning to discuss Brighstar’s capabilities. Here’s a recap of key takeaways: Paintpoints and needs
Educators don’t want to use design tools that are overly technical – it must be extremely easy to use/ Everyone has their own IT budget, but Taylor is looking to consolidate budget and procurement. Budget...

UX research sessions

Spend more time on research synthesis and less time on scouring through interview notes.

Upload your UX interview recording and let recaps:

  • Summarize the top use cases and paintpoints
  • Identify feedback on usability and upcoming features
  • Surface feature requests and reported bugs
  • Find key quotes for research reports
Research report example: This UX research report summarizes 10 user interviews conducted on Brightstar, a design platform for educators. Top Use Cases and Pain Points / Create beautiful lesson plans for online learning / Edit and distribute videos quickly / More technical design tools are difficult to learn. Usability Feedback on the Video Feature / 4 users found that the video playback was slow and the video quality was poor. / 2 user found it difficult to navigate to the video section. Key Quotes / “I love how easy it is to use Brightstar. The features are great and the resources are really helpful.” / “I really like the video feature. It’s so easy to use and the quality of the videos is really good.” / “I appreciate that Brightstar offers a lot of...


Turn live training sessions into training material that can be distributed to others async.

With recaps, you can easily:

  • Create decks that cover key topics and takeaways
  • Generate Q&A transcripts
  • Write summary emails with next steps for training participants
Slide deck example: Jupiter -
Compliance Training Session Agend / Reporting requirements / Customer privacy / Anti-money laundering / Q&A
How SentinelOne saves 100+ hours per month using recaps to create documentation from videos.
How Ivanti maximizes their webinars, podcasts, and anchor content by using recaps for derivative pieces.

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