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Increase in search traffic in 4 weeks

“No other competitors were able to mimic our voice and tone like Writer. With it, we increased our publication cadence dramatically.”


ROI on Writer investment

“Having AI write some stuff under good guidance and under good frameworks frees us up to write the really important stuff. We’ve had an incredible ROI with Writer.”


Increase in content output

“A tool like Writer is exactly what we needed. It empowers our authors to get writing suggestions on the fly, and it doesn’t require them to remember all of these rules.”



“As our company quickly grew, Writer helped us scale content without sacrificing our brand voice. It would have taken us hundreds of hours of copyediting cycles to do what we can do with Writer automatically."


Increase in CTRs with better copy

“Writer solves real business problems for us, and it was the only AI tool we tried that could do so. It really did deliver on the promise of freeing up our writers to work on creative strategy.”


Reduction in editing time

“Being able to present a tool that could literally pay for itself in the amount of time that it was saving our team and our editors, even by a very conservative estimate — it was a no-brainer.”


Writer vs everything else

B2B-trained model

Writer has the only LLM (large language model) trained primarily on B2B data. You can further fine-tune on your own data, leading to even better results. Writer is also the only generative AI platform that fact-checks output for you.

Train and customize for your context

Writer comes with dozens of pre-built apps that can be trained on your own content and brand voice — and you can also create your own custom apps to create production-ready content from just about any set of inputs.

Leverage text, video, PDFs, and more

Writer is the only generative AI platform that can ingest text, videos, PDFs, audio, and perform live Internet crawls to generate, repurpose, research, analyze, and transform data for new contexts.

Your data is your data

Other AI products have the right to retain and use your data. With Writer, you own your data, and Writer does not have the right to use your data in our foundation model. You also get an API to your own fine-tuned, private, and secure LLM, to use directly in any of your internal applications.

Embed AI in workflows

Writer helps train your team on AI best practices, and helps you embed AI directly into your team’s workflows. Writer is the only platform with both an API and an ecosystem of extensions delivering AI directly into +100 third-party applications.


Writer is the only generative AI platform that can support deployments across multiple teams, with robust reporting, SCIM provisioning, user and team management, and audit logs. Writer is also the only generative AI platform that is SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant.


Automate what’s automatable in content

Writer accelerates your writing workflow, from
ideation drafting distribution

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Ideate faster

Use AI as your brainstorming partner

Draft faster

Generate first drafts in seconds

Edit faster

Automate brand, editorial, and style edits

Distribute faster

Instantly produce distribution content

Repurpose faster

Turn a blog post into a case study — or vice versa


Create content in minutes, not months

Create original content that actually sounds like your company wrote it.

Writer is the only AI writing platform that can be trained on your own best-performing content and brand guidelines.

It’s your own AI, specifically tuned for your team’s unique use cases.

Build a brand that is consistent — everywhere

Generic ad copy. Outdated messaging on your website. Poorly-written docs.

All of this can kill a buyer’s journey — and your brand. Writer gives you all the tools you need to build a consistent brand across every customer touchpoint, and do it efficiently.

Drive revenue, not review cycles

‘Let’s be a media company,’ they say — but without the required headcount or budget.

Do it anyway.

10x the productivity of your best writers, and make it so everyone else in the company can contribute on-brand content, too — without the rewrites.

Be secure with enterprise features

What you write will never make it into our models.

Your data is analyzed transiently, so what you edit or generate isn’t collected or used by Writer.

Writer is the only AI writing platform that both users and infosec teams love.


The only AI writing solution that lives up to the hype

Content marketing

Demand generation

Product marketing

Brand marketing

Content design


Insurmountable backlog of content requests from partner teams


Accelerated content creation with faster first drafts and editing cycles

No bandwidth for content strategy and creative writing

Limited time spent editing off-brand and poorly written content

8 weeks to produce an SEO blog post

Daily SEO posts on the blog

Short shelf-life for new content pieces

Easy repurposing of existing content

Distractions due to adhoc copy and edit requests

Colleagues editing their own work for brand voice, style, and terminology

“I’ve been fascinated by the way that CoWrite is able to write in our brand voice.”

Kate McDaniel Blog and Web Editor,
Global Content


Underperforming campaigns due to content production constraints and delays


Campaigns go to market on time to hit targets

Generic and stale messaging for different audiences

Creative and unique copy for different campaigns and audiences

Old ads and landing pages are never optimized with messaging tests

Frequent copy testing makes sure everything in market is top-performing

“Writer provides consistently great, on-brand copy at the click of a button. And unlike other AI tools, Writer actually sounds like a human writing in our brand voice, and not a robot.”

Jason Widup VP of Marketing


Inconsistent or incorrect product naming and messaging


Consistent and accurate product copy in all company content

Adhoc requests for writing the same copy over and over again

Everyone enabled with approved, reusable terms and snippets

No bandwidth for message testing and conversion optimization

Automatic writing suggestions for A/B testing

“Product marketing requires clear thinking and clear writing. Writer helps me speed up writing by up to 75% while maintaining clarity and a consistent brand voice.”

Kalpana Singh Product Marketing Leader


Infrequent PR plays



Rushed event landing pages

Content-rich event experiences

No event follow up

Email nurture for events

Weak internal comms

Rich content hubs for employees

“As our company quickly grew, Writer helped us scale content without sacrificing our brand voice. It would have taken us hundreds of hours of copyediting cycles to do what we can do with Writer automatically.”

Brooke Burdge SVP of Brand Marketing


No single source of truth for content strategy


Operationalized style guide

Inconsistent terminology confusing users

Terms aligned across the product experience

Hunting for “how do we say this?”

Reusable components to drop in to designs

Manual time proofing copy from non-writers

Real-time managing editor for everyone

Blocked from more strategic work

Time to engage on highest-value projects

“Writer has given us a single source of truth. We can make sure people write in the Twitter brand voice without us needing to write or check every single word.”

Jordan Craig Senior Manager of Content Strategy

Generate, improve, and edit content everywhere you write

Writer works everywhere you produce content, copy, and communications







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and Ty Magnin

Leading with editorial at Ellevest

Deedi Brown

AI and eCommerce innovation at Adore Me

Ranjan Roy

World-class content design at Twitter

Jordan Craig
and Lisa Jennings



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