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AI for the people

Scaling content across customer experience,

marketing, and design at Dropbox

A conversation with Manager of CX Scaled Content Development Rachel Calabretta,
Head of Content Strategy Kate Pluth, and Content Design Lead Angelique Little

Writer-using orgs at Dropbox
What led
you to start looking at AI solutions?
Why did you choose Writer?
What advice would you give other industry leaders?

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Writer is the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises. We make it easy for organizations to adopt AI apps and workflows that deliver quantifiable ROI quickly.

Writer helps organizations build highly-customized AI apps that compress entire business processes, support complex use cases, and infuse work with company intelligence. Our enterprise-grade platform can be deployed flexibly, keeps your data private, and adheres to global privacy laws and security standards. Leading enterprises choose Writer, including Vanguard, Intuit, L’Oreal, Accenture, and Kenvue.

Kate Pluth is the Head of Content Strategy at Dropbox, where she leads the marketing content team that spearheads efforts across web content strategy, customer stories, and integrated marketing.

Angelique Little, Content Design Lead at Dropbox, works to create a simple, cohesive, and trustworthy user experience across every touchpoint in the Dropbox product and throughout the organization.

Rachel Calabretta, Manager of CX Scaled Content Development at Dropbox, has over 10 years of experience developing and managing programs to create a learning-centric environment.

All three are members of the Dropbox Editorial Council, an internal organization responsible for developing, enforcing, and maintaining content guidelines and best practices. 

Read or listen to the story of how Angelique, Kate, and Rachel and the Dropbox team use Writer to increase writer productivity, equip non-writers to contribute excellent content, and ensure brand compliance across the organization.

Tell us about the genesis of the Dropbox Editorial Council and how it’s evolved.

Home of Dropbox customer success stories
Home of Dropbox customer success stories

What led you to look at AI products?

“We don’t need all the technical jargon. We want a more friendly, conversational language.”

Rachel Calabretta

Rachel Calabretta
Manager CX Scaled Content Development

Why did you choose Writer? 


Knowing that a lot of the other tools out there are built on top of third-party LLMs, that was something nice about Writer: it has its own LLM that’s proprietary. We all get to have a lot more control over how data is handled and where it’s stored.

The kicker was recognizing that a lot of the tools out there are really geared toward marketing and marketing use cases, which is fine for me, but I knew that if we were going to be adopting something more, that we wanted to get more value out of it across other organizations.

That’s why I really appreciated being able to work on this with Rachel and Angelique to get the perspective of how other people will use it. Is it something that you could put in a Help Center?

And then there are other things: our IT department wants to have single sign-on and admin controls, and because we’re an enterprise, we need to think about how we control permissions.

Suddenly, you have a really long list of requirements. Once you start ticking all those boxes, there aren’t that many solutions out there.

“We thought if we could bring guidelines to people where they’re working, then we wouldn’t have to constantly tell people that there are guidelines.”

Angelique Little

Angelique Little
Content Designer

You recently integrated all of your products into a single platform. Some things must have gotten pretty hard on the content front! 

The Dropbox Help Center

“We need to punch above our weight. Generative AI is a way for our writers to be more efficient and scale their expertise”

Kate Pluth

Kate Pluth
Head of Content Strategy

What are some of the challenges that you hoped AI would solve?

“People were like, 

‘When can we have [Writer]?’”

Angelique Little

Angelique Little
Content Designer

What are some of your favorite use cases with Writer?

Using an SEO optimization app in Writer

How has your team responded to the adoption of AI?

What advice would you give other leaders who want to build AI into their workflows?

What are you all most looking forward to in the future at Dropbox?


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