Build a content styleguide for your team

    Brands who care about customer experiences are paying careful attention to their user-facing content. Why? They know that any moment, even just a single word, can make or break how someone feels about their product and organization. By evaluating the content styleguides created by other brands, you can adapt and adopt their best practices in your own work.

    Writer is dedicated to understanding the power of words — and that includes the power of consistent voice and style. We use AI to analyze language in new ways, measuring for things like emotion, clarity, and implicit biases.

    Our goal is to help brands champion and maintain their ideal voice. Our content intelligence platform has processed over 27 million lines of copy from organizations working to improve customer experiences by analyzing their content.

    Brand styleguide examples and benchmark report

    Our recently released benchmark report shares how companies are managing their voice, tone, and content styleguides across their various types of content. That includes product microcopy, websites, marketplaces, emails, help centers, internal wikis, documentation, and more.

    After hundreds of conversations with our community and reviewing data on how teams use our platform, this report shares our insights into:

    • How organizations make content, voice, and style decisions
    • How we see brand work evolving over the next several years

    We hope the report helps you evaluate your brand and styleguide, and gives you some fresh ideas to mature both.

    Download this report to see how your content styleguide compares

    If you’re looking for more information, Yuval Keshtcher recently compiled a list of content styleguide examples from organizations with thoughtful content strategy and web design.

    For a content styleguide template to help you build your own, check out this post.

    And if you have any thoughts or questions about the report, reach us at or tweet @Writer!