Content strategy

    Content strategy demographics, challenges, priorities, and success metrics

    The State of Content Strategy

    When you see a job listing for a title you’re familiar with, you can usually predict what the responsibilities will entail. But this isn’t always the case for content strategists.

    These roles vary wildly based on industry, organization size, and team. Sometimes the roles are heavily marketing. Sometimes they’re heavily product writing. Sometimes they’re all about creating internal support systems. Oftentimes they’re all of the above.

    The only consistency seems to be “You’ll be the person that makes our content great!” But, time and again, organizations don’t realize that a content strategist brings more to the table than writing skills alone.

    At Writer, we talk to content strategists, designers, and writers every day. As part of the community with access to so many people, we wanted to help deepen everyone’s understanding of content roles by bringing data into the conversation.

    The content strategy survey

    So, we created a survey and launched it back in April. Today, we published the report to share all the data we collected. It’s LONG, which just showcases how wonderfully helpful the content strategy community continues to be.

    The report dives into:

    • Popular industries and team structures
    • Typical workloads
    • Top priorities and challenges
    • Favorite resources and tools
    • Methods of measuring success

    We also asked respondents what other questions they’d like to see explored, so we’ll be launching our next survey soon. Look for it on our social networks or email our team at to be added to the outreach list.

    The State of Content Strategy