Starting from scratch: ingredients to build a useful styleguide

Recorded February 11, 2020

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"Starting from Scratch Ingredients to Build a Useful Styleguide" Webinar with Beth Chargin

Content, design, and brand teams have been creating writing styleguides for a long time. But they’re only useful if they’re kept up to date and shared broadly.

In this webinar, Beth Chargin, content design strategist at Intuit, shares her perspective on how styleguides made her a better writer. You’ll hear about her experiences creating styleguides and get solid tips on how to create one that works for your organization.

Tune in to learn:

How a styleguide can be a writer’s BFF

  Where to start and how to evolve your guidelines over time

  What to include and what to leave out

About the speakers

Beth Chargin

Beth Chargin

Content Design Strategist

Beth Chargin is a content design strategist at Intuit and an admitted word nerd. She loves a good styleguide and likes poking around in design systems. She works on the QuickBooks family of products at Intuit.

Ashley Coolman

Ashley Coolman

Content Strategist

Ashley Coolman is a content strategist at Writer, an AI writing assistant that helps everyone at a company write using the same style, voice, and terminology. Previously a linguist, English teacher, and marketer, Ashley has always loved thinking about how words impact our experiences.

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