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Introducing Writer AI Studio

Transform workflows with generative AI apps for everyone

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The Writer Team

AI Studio

The AI transformation won’t happen in board rooms or in earnings calls. It’ll happen at the hands of a support agent eager to reimagine customer service; a sales manager looking to uplevel their team’s domain expertise; a business ops lead looking to automate their RFP responses. Until now, building a tool to accelerate these processes would have required the ability to code. And it’d have taken weeks, if not months of work as stakeholders lobbied to get it added to the roadmap, built project plans, and coordinated with engineers to test and iterate on the app. This process is onerous for engineers, too, who are stuck navigating business requirements, configuring UIs, and maintaining a multitude of critical business tools.

At Writer, we’ve had a four-year headstart on working with leading enterprises to help them achieve this vision. We seamlessly integrate Writer-built LLMs, graph-based RAG, and AI guardrails into a full-stack platform for the enterprise.

Today, we’re expanding our platform to include Writer AI Studio — a suite of new developer tools that make it fast and easy for anyone to reinvent workflows with generative AI. This includes three new ways to build AI apps:

  • No-code: an intuitive tool that enables business users to build apps that automate workflows, generate assets, or answer questions on company data.
  • Writer Framework: an open-source framework for building feature-rich AI apps with a visual editor and an extensible Python backend.
  • Writer API: API endpoints for integrating Writer generative AI technology into apps or services within a company’s stack, with SDKs available for Python and Typescript.

Now, anyone, regardless of their technical skills can build AI-driven workflows. When engineering is required, AI Studio not only makes collaboration between developers and business stakeholders easier, but it also makes app building easier for engineers with APIs, and an open-source app development framework. With AI Studio, engineers of all types — AI engineers, open-source developers, business-tool builders — can easily create sophisticated apps with rich AI capabilities in partnership with business stakeholders.

AI Studio compresses the time to value for generative AI because finally, the people with the most context on a problem, are also the ones that can create the AI workflows to solve it. They can transform work and amplify their impact faster than they could before — directly honing their app, and improving its performance with written instructions and intuitive tools. Once perfected, these apps can be scaled across teams, or integrated deeply into tech stacks with engineering support. The options are endless.

Writer customers using AI Studio in beta have already deployed hundreds of deeply customized AI apps to drive business value. Applications range from knowledge assistants connected to company data, to campaign automation apps that generate a suite of launch assets from a single input, to RFP apps that can streamline operational workflows.

Empowering ‌business users with no-code tools

In a recent study, Writer found that only 10% of businesses had high confidence in their ability to build generative AI solutions. Companies are stuck in “proof-of-concept purgatory” as they struggle to graduate their AI tools to production. Whether we’re working with Fortune 50 enterprises or 50-person startups, the story has always been the same. Technical teams are struggling to use generative AI to try and solve business problems. Writer can fix that.

With our no-code tools, business users can:

  • Build AI apps that can generate an entire campaign from a single asset, act as powerful assistants, tackle challenging operational workflows, and more.
  • Connect apps to your data by uploading files or automatically syncing them with data connectors for your most important sources.
  • Provide written instructions, chain prompts, and inject variables from user inputs for more complex tasks.
  • Add examples of previous work to help Writer create results that fit your unique style, format, and goals.
  • Create apps that write in your style or the voice of specific thought leaders.

No-code apps built with AI Studio are both accessible and highly customizable. Unlike other AI tools, Writer doesn’t just help you improve prompt performance or build the all-too-common AI chat app — ‌it accelerates AI innovation across an entire organization by enabling business teams to solve business problems.

One of AI Studio’s most valuable features is the ability for anyone to build apps connected to their data. Today, to build a knowledge base for sellers, you’d have to comb through documentation, ask a data scientist to pull usage metrics, and write up an FAQ. You’d then need to maintain this asset — rewriting it every time something changes.

With Writer AI Studio, you can transform this workflow from weeks of work to a single day. Simply connect a chat app to your unstructured source documents, provide written instructions to the LLM, and share the link with your sellers. Sellers can ask questions on the fly, and Writer will do the work of looking up the right source document, analyzing its content, and generating an answer. As source files are changed, your GTM assistant will also update, ensuring your answers are accurate and relevant. And the best part is all this can be accomplished by your business users, no data scientist or engineer required.

Improving AI app development for engineers

The AI transformation isn’t just about making AI accessible to business users. Engineers of all types — software engineers, open-source developers, business-tool builders — want better tools to build AI apps for themselves and their business and product counterparts.

Streamlined app development experience with Writer Framework

Building complex apps with rich AI capabilities should be easy. That’s why as part of the release of AI Studio, we’ve acquired the team behind the open-source project Streamsync — now known as the Writer Framework — and integrated it with the Writer platform. Like Streamsync, Writer Framework will remain open source as part of our commitment to contributing to the wider Python and AI engineering communities.

The Writer Framework goes beyond traditional chat app development, enabling the rapid creation of a wide range of AI-driven solutions, from data analysis tools to interactive dashboards. A developer-friendly visual editor and extensible Python backend help you iterate quickly by significantly reducing development cycles. The framework’s library of composable UIs and tutorials make getting started with app development quick and easy.

Although the Writer Framework remains open source, it’s deeply integrated with our full-stack generative AI platform. In just a few lines of code, you can directly access our sophisticated APIs within your AI apps — no need to stitch together a stack.

Today, this includes our chat and text completion APIs. In the coming months, we’ll be expanding our API capabilities to include access to Knowledge Graph, our graph-based RAG for integrating data into your own AI apps and services.

Once your app is created, we’ve simplified the launch process with single-command deployment to the Writer cloud. Additional deployment options, like on-prem and more cloud providers, are coming soon. You can learn more about the Writer Framework on our docs, or by visiting the project’s GitHub repo.

eCommerce brand Adore Me adopts Writer Framework for rapid deployment

Adore Me, a direct-to-consumer women’s apparel brand, uses Writer AI Studio to build personalized digital journeys, streamline digital shelf creation, and much more. Their AI apps and workflows built with the Writer Framework allow their team to generate high-conversion web content for new products and deploy them across a multitude of channels with just a few clicks.

With Writer, Adore Me significantly reduced the upkeep of their product pages and shortened rollout time when expanding into new regions. The application built with Writer by Adore Me allowed their non-technical business users to, for example, customize their own prompts for Spanish regional dialects and deploy them to their product detail pages.

The use cases for Writer Framework are broad and numerous. Companies in our beta are already building insurance agent support pages, data analytics dashboards, powerful compliance tools and more.

Accelerating AI innovation with Writer

With Writer AI Studio, anyone, regardless of their technical skills, can create powerful generative AI apps. Business users can build with no code, and developers can access powerful APIs and an open-source Python development framework to make feature-rich business applications. With AI Studio, your business can see value from generative AI faster, accelerating AI innovation across your entire organization with AI apps customized for your most sophisticated workflows.

We welcome businesses and developers alike to join us on this journey as we strive to make generative AI more accessible to every type of builder. Start building today with AI Studio, or get in touch with our team to learn how Writer can help your business empower people and transform work.