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Get your style guide out of the PDF

Create a single, complete source of truth for your editorial guidelines that is always up-to-date and easy to access. From punctuation to capitalization rules to grade level and specific terminology, put all your guidance in one place.

Get your style guide out of the PDF

“I love running Writer before I pass articles to our layout team. In addition to reminding me of company style quirks I often forget, it has helped me avoid vague pronouns and embarrassing subject-verb agreement issues.”

Colter Cookson from The American Oil & Gas Reporter

Colter Cookson
Business Editor
The American Oil & Gas Reporter

Copyedit like the wind

Get through editorial reviews faster. Help writers fix their own errors with in-line suggestions during the writing process, then instantly suss out remaining mistakes yourself.

“It’s so great to finally have software that will allow you to create your own rules for editing copy and content across platforms without having to refer back to a physical document every time.”

Tim Jewell from IQAir

Tim Jewell
Editorial Leader

Coach your contributors

Ensure crisp, clear, error-free writing across the board, from writers and non-writers alike. Make great writing skills sticky with detailed, helpful explanations.

“Writer has saved us tons of time and definitely improved content quality. And their customer support team is legit.”

Jennifer Cardenas from Codeless

Jennifer Cardenas
VP of Operations

Key Features

Transform your editorial desk

Writer works everywhere
Automated editorial corrections
Configure your writing style rules, from punctuation to capitalization, and have them apply to everyone
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Custom editorial rules
Our UI missing a content rule you need? Use our flexible rules builder to write your own
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Word lists
Easily compile and share your company’s canonical terms — or just the way you prefer to write Internet, e-mail, and cashflow
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Works everywhere
Help everyone in your company follow your editorial guidelines right in the tools they use every day
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