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    Enterprises Need Content Intelligence Software to Unify Their Writers

    Managing content is famously and terribly complex. I’ve talked to enterprise organizations that have 200-plus writers creating content across their company, from marketing and support to product and even engineering. And the growth of the freelance industry means most large organizations have part-time and remote writers, too.

    When your enterprise’s content comes from so many different people, locations, and tools, unifying the voice of your organization can feel like an endless uphill battle. It’s why we see that tongue-in-cheek “Content Wrangler” title so frequently in LinkedIn profiles.

    But unifying the voice and messaging of content across a large organization is worth the effort to make your brand memorable and build trust with your audience — and it’s actually possible with content intelligence software.

    Unifying the voice and messaging of content across a large organization is worth the effort to make your brand memorable and build trust with your audience.Click To Tweet

    What is content intelligence software?

    Content intelligence software allows an organization to define its content styleguide and then uses AI to align all the team’s writers with those guidelines in a systematic, objective, consistent way. Creating intelligent content for enterprises adds rigor to the content creation process, making it possible for 200-plus writers to “write as one.”

    The benefits of intelligent content for enterprises

    Here are four specific ways that content intelligence software makes writers’ jobs easier and your brand’s communication better:

    1. It keeps all your writers on-brand and on-message.

    Your customers expect their experiences with your enterprise organization to be flawless, and that includes your content. It should be clear, consistent, and on-brand every time.

    Content intelligence software ensures your brand and language are consistent across your organization. It reads written content and suggests edits based on your organization’s content guidelines — from voice to styling to specific terminology dos and don’ts.

    Bonus benefit: Getting such consistent, specific, objective feedback can help your writers hone their craft and better embody your brand for the next time they create intelligent content for your enterprise.

    2. It helps you meet user needs with plain language.

    As Deborah Bosley shared in a recent webinar, plain language is the best way to create delightful customer experiences. Plain language uses simple wording and formatting to communicate ideas to your audience quickly and easily.

    Content intelligence software with a plain language checker, such as Writer, can help all your writers clear, concise content.

    3. It spots plagiarism and biased language ASAP.

    Natural language processing technology is advancing quickly! These days, content intelligence software can detect and flag problematic language in your content — such as bias or plagiarism. And the earlier you nip those problems in the bud, the fewer PR catastrophes you have to manage.

    Something we’re seeing more regularly in enterprise organizations is a desire to use gender-neutral language. Content intelligence software can identify whether you’re using only language that traditionally appeals to more masculine audiences or if you’re using gender-specific pronouns when you could use inclusive pronouns.

    4. It aligns copy with legal requirements.

    Content intelligence software can also ease the burden of making sure every piece of content complies with your legal regulations and requirements. For example, if you need to redact sensitive information, AI can identify and flag those details for removal.

    Your styleguide is the foundation every writer in your organization builds upon to tell your brand’s story. It needs to be easy for every writer working with your organization to apply the guidelines to their work — or else writers will inevitably use off-brand or outdated styling and language.

    To learn more about how the Writer can help create on-brand intelligent content for enterprises at scale, start your free trial.