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Innovative healthcare and life sciences organizations are getting results with AI from Writer.


Increase in search traffic in 4 weeks

“No other competitors were able to mimic our voice like Writer. With it, we increased our publication cadence dramatically.”


ROI on Writer investment

“Having AI write some content under good guidance and under good frameworks frees us up to write the really important stuff. We’ve had an incredible ROI with Writer.”



“Writer was made to target the challenges we were facing, such as scaling, documentation, and quality assurance. The ability to add in Snippets and definitions helps us as a fintech brand because there are many legalities and disclaimers regarding writing about financial products

Use cases

Increase digital engagement, drive customer loyalty, and improve patient outcomes with the only generative AI platform for healthcare and life sciences leaders.



Patient experiences
Personalize communications and plans for every patient based on individual needs.

Care processes
Streamline care coordination by automatically generating insights and summaries.



Advocate productivity
Give advocates the most effective support content at their fingertips.

Provider experiences
Maximize provider self-service adoption and onboarding.



Patient engagement
Create personalized interactions to raise awareness and increase engagement.

Strategy optimization
Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement from cross-channel patient and provider insights.



Marketing materials
Automate workflows to maximize efficiency while improving content effectiveness.

Personalize prospecting efforts at scale to close more business.


Writer is the most customizable
generative AI platform for healthcare and life sciences

Your model, your use cases — at a fraction of the time and cost

When you use Writer, you get an API to your own fine-tuned model and customized applications.

Generated output takes into account everything from voice and word and character length to fact verification, and includes up-to-date information.

It’s generative AI that’s ready for at-scale enterprise use cases — without needing to build an internal ML and NLP team or application layer yourself.

Learn more about the API
Your voice > your custom rules > your templates > fine tuning > foundational layer
Your voice > your custom rules > your templates > fine tuning > foundational layer
99.99% uptime

99.99% uptime

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Built for scale

Built for scale


The most trusted and secure generative AI platform

Your data will never make it into our machine learning models: your data is analyzed transiently, so what you edit or generate isn’t collected or used by Writer. Writer is compliant with the latest privacy and security standards, so you can confidently deliver secure customer experiences at scale.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
The most trusted and secure generative AI platform

Automate repetitive tasks — so your people can focus on quality care

Give every employee an AI assistant, to help automate routine, repetitive tasks, giving you back the time to focus on the things that really matter: your patients.

Automate repetitive tasks: specialist referral letter in Writer

Drive lower operating costs with personalized communication

Achieve next-generation operational efficiencies with personalized communication at scale with consumers, facilitating better access to the right care at the right time at the right place.

Drive lower operating costs with personalized communication: medical claim in Writer

Deliver a stronger customer experience

Get clearer and more consistent communication with all healthcare constituents (care providers, consumers, family members, plan sponsors, and regulators), leading to an easier-to-navigate environment and a higher NPS.

Deliver a stronger customer experience: blog post in Writer

Achieve compliance across all teams

Mitigate risk and accelerate
customer communication by giving team members access to the correct pre-vetted language. Data loss prevention settings also automatically flag risky content.

Achieve compliance across all teams: Snippets in Writer
AI everywhere
AI everywhere

Augment healthcare and life sciences workflows across every function

We can help you quickly embed transformational AI into
your workflows; we know the use cases in healthcare and help with building, implementing, and training on them.

Marketing person


Support person


Operations person


L&D person


HR person



Write a blog post about the benefits of genetic testing.

Write a knowledge base article explaining prior authorization.

Automatically create onboarding documents for new providers.

Generate an outline for a course on working cross-functionally in care teams.

Write interview questions for hiring new case managers.


What are the most common support issues with a patient portal?

What are the best practices for reducing readmissions?

What are the best resources for HIPAA training?

How do EHRs affect physician burnout?


Give me key takeaways from this new device promo video.

Create a summary of this spreadsheet containing patient and provider insights.

Create a quiz for this training article on medical error prevention.

Automatically write summaries from clinician job interviews.


How do I make this care provider comparison more engaging?

Audit these advocate call logs to ensure compliance.

Identify which sections in this article on compliance need updating.

Based on employee engagement surveys, what are the top concerns of the R&D teams?


Personalize communications for each at-risk population based on categorization.

Turn these member survey responses into personalized support messages.

Create event summaries based on claims data.

Create a workshop for marketing and sales teams based on device regulation documents from the FDA.

Write a new onboarding email nurture based on this report of top employee resources.

Deliver secure and inclusive healthcare and life sciences experiences