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The world’s most innovative eCommerce and retail companies use Writer to create on-brand content that works, from first touch to sale

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Ranjan Roy


Increase in CTRs
with better copy

“Writer solves real business problems for us, and it was the only AI tool we tried that could do so. It really did deliver on the promise of freeing up our writers to work on creative strategy.”


ROI on Writer investment



Increase in search traffic in 4 weeks


Use cases
Use cases

The only AI solution that delivers revenue, fast

Writer is the most customizable generative AI platform for retail and eCommerce businesses.

Unlike other AI products, the Writer model is securely trained on your highest-converting copy — which helps you produce on-brand product and digital marketing content 10x faster.


Product descriptions

Generate on-brand product descriptions in seconds, from just a product name and list of features.

Google, Meta,
& Instagram ads

Google, Meta, and Instagram ads

Rapidly iterate on ad variations based
on specific search keywords.

SMS and push

SMS and push notifications

Consistently engage your customers with more frequent, more performant, and always-on-brand notifications.


Email marketing

From body copy to subject lines to
pre-headers, create high-converting email marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time.


Landing pages

Create hyper-specific, personalized landing pages at scale.

Help content
and FAQs

Help content and FAQs

Make customer support scalable by generating clear and concise help resources.

Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at Adore Me

“The first thing that attracted us to Writer was seeing how well-tailored it was to actually solving real business problems.”

AI everywhere
AI everywhere

Augment eCommerce and retail workflows across every function

We can help you quickly embed transformational AI into your workflows to increase digital engagement, drive shopper loyalty, and improve ROI.

Marketing person


Support person


Operations person


L&D person


HR person



Write the introduction to a guide on holiday shopping.

Automatically create a product description once SKU details hit the database.

Generate an onboarding document for new support specialists.

Write an inclusive job description for a brand manager.


What are the best DTC influencer campaigns?

What are the most common support issues with online payments?

What is the average length for a return policy?

How do you prevent employee burnout during peak selling times?


Give me an IG post from this event recording.

Create an email to send with this support article.

Create a summary narrative of this affiliate data spreadsheet.

Create a knowledge-testing quiz for this training article.

Automatically write meeting summaries from our team meetings.


What is missing in this article on the benefits of sustainability?

Is this article the right readability level for teenage shoppers?

What topics can I add to this document to make it more advanced for managers?

What are the top concerns in these employee survey feedback responses?


Personalize an email campaign for our audiences.

Turn this help article into an FAQ format for the Gen Z audience.

Audit all of our content for mentions of discontinued products.

Create a workshop based on these training materials.

Create new employee welcome emails based on these bullets.

Benefits for ecommerce & retail

Train your own brand-specific AI

Your brand is your biggest asset. That’s why Writer lets you fine tune a custom language model on your best content, style guide, and voice — so it produces on-brand content, every time.

Train your own brand-specific AI: product categories, product list, style guide, sales promo copy, social ad copy, landing page copy, product names

Create content
10x faster

Empower your team with on-demand, quality content at scale — so they can experiment faster.

Create content 10x faster: product descriptions in Writer

Deploy omnichannel experiences

Integrate with your existing tools and workflows to enable creators across all channels.

Deploy omnichannel experiences

Build brand
loyalty with consistent style

Create a consistent, unified, and memorable brand impression at every customer touchpoint.

Company language score = 100 (checked items: product page, promo email, FAQs, social ad, direct mail, help article, print ad)

Writer is the most customizable
generative AI platform for eCommerce and retail

Your model, your use cases — at a fraction of the time and cost

When you use Writer, you get an API to your own fine-tuned model and customized applications.

Generated output takes into account everything from voice and word and character length to fact verification, and includes up-to-date information.

It’s generative AI that’s ready for at-scale retail use cases — without needing to build an internal ML and NLP team or application layer yourself.

Learn more about the API
Your voice > your custom rules > your templates > fine tuning > foundational layer
Your voice > your custom rules > your templates > fine tuning > foundational layer
99.99% uptime

99.99% uptime

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Built for scale

Built for scale

Copy that converts
across every channel