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From single sentences to page-long copy, make it easy to reuse approved content

Snippets example: Writer is the leading AI writing platform for teams
Deedi Brown from Ellevest

“Having snippets has helped us make sure that we are being more compliant, and it’s just made everything more efficient.”

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Build a library of content components

Organize your snippets in a library with tags, filters, and statuses so they’re easily findable for everyone in your organization.

Make it easy to reuse components

Call up a snippet anywhere you’re writing with a simple shortcut. Forgot the shortcut? Search the Writer sidebar for the content you need.

Robust enough for your whole company

Don’t let information stay siloed. Share knowledge across the entire company and give every team access to the words they need — fast.

Use cases


Make sure the whole team stays consistently on-brand with approved company messaging.

“Great writing is the foundation of great marketing. Writer helps us develop that muscle, and as a result our brand stands out.”

Ranjan Roy
VP of Strategy


Scale repeatable sales motions and save time by giving your reps the right words for every stage of the pipeline.

“I love that Writer helps my team communicate confidently, effectively, and inclusively.”

Patrick Paul

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Build a team library of your most-used emails and messages, for fast and consistent agent replies.

“With snippet libraries, support agents are many times more effective than before. We can give them the exact right thing to say.”

Sara Rayment from Inkling

Sara Rayment



Protect yourself from legal and HR risks by giving every team member pre-vetted statements for sensitive subjects.

“The legal team loves [Writer] because they have a system of record for the language that we can and can’t use.”

Lisa Jennings Young from Twitter

Lisa Jennings Young
Manager, Content Design



Help copywriters and designers work faster and stay on-message with pre-approved UX copy.

“Writer is so universally applicable — it’s not just for content design people, it works for everyone.”

Morgen Kimbrell from Intuit

Morgen Kimbrell
Content Design Group Manager

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